Finyx Launches Continuous Confidence Measurement (CCM)

Continuous Confidence Measurement (CCM) is a new mechanism to help you to add certainty to project, programme and portfolio delivery. It supplements the RAID process and is able to provide insights where RAID can’t. CCM gathers views from participants on their levels of confidence on key aspects of a project such as clarity of purpose, resourcing, planning and business readiness. It predicts issues long before RAID can.

What is it?

CCM is a lightweight, structured, web-based survey in which participants from key stakeholder groups are asked for their present level of confidence in the successful outcome of the project.

What does it do?

It generates a set of outputs that enable you to identify or confirm gaps or weaknesses that other mechanisms don’t. These gaps may require remediation to ensure they don’t become major roadblocks to project success.


Why use it?

By applying CCM to all projects in a programme or portfolio, we can identify individual project issues or organisation-wide themes; this enables senior management to apply fixes at the right level.

CCM provides many benefits:

  • Quick and easy to complete; thousands of data points can be gathered without significant time investment.

  • The common causes of project failure are built in to the standard question set.

  • Promotes alignment across stakeholder groups to increase the likelihood of project success.

  • Provides early visibility of potential issues and gaps in confidence levels.

  • Highly customisable in terms of the question sets, user groups, reporting cycles etc.

  • Participant responses can be anonymised if required.

Our Process

Finyx will support you with the configuration of your CCM system and tailor it to your specific organisation’s requirements; we do this by working alongside you during the question development stage of the process. Following this collaborative effort, we will then produce your confidence measurement reports including data graphics and interpretation. Typically, we would expect confidence levels to highlight issues in the lifecycle of a project, differences in stakeholder opinions, or confidence being low in one or more areas.

CCM Process.png

If you would like further information regarding Continuous Confidence Measurement or have any specific queries, please contact

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