New Interns at Finyx Delivery Centre for Summer 2019


Finyx has taken on two interns from the University of York through the continuation of our Summer Internship Programme. Both students of Mathematics, Michael Turner has just completed his second year and James Martins has finished up his third year. Michael’s interests are centred around project management and IT consulting, which attracted him to Finyx and this year’s opportunity. James has a keen interest in the finance industry and consulting, meaning he also thought it would be valuable to pursue the internship. They both were thought the idea of working with Finyx for 10 weeks over the summer would be a great way to learn key skills and help bolster their CV for the future.

Following on from the success of our previous interns at the York Delivery Centre, the two roles this year are to be based around business analysis and providing further assistance to our large pool of consultants based on client sites. They will also be assisting with business development, including the enhancement of our existing tools & methodologies alongside some exciting rebranding activities that Finyx will be sharing insight on later in the summer.   

We take great pride in being able to offer dedicated temporary roles which have previously and continue to develop young professionals local to the Delivery Centre.

Read below to hear from our latest additions to Finyx.

“After going to a few technology careers fairs at the University of York, I started to have an interest in IT consultancy. Looking into summer internships, I found Finyx based in York and was impressed with the amount of experience and expertise the company had. I’m excited to get a first-hand look into how the process of consulting works.” ~ Michael

“Whilst researching internships, I came across Finyx and thought I could learn lots from their experienced consultants and working on project relating to the organisation’s core capabilities. I am relishing the opportunity to learn about both consulting and business analysis, as well as getting plenty of exposure to client work.” ~ James

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